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Oh, Ana.

Guess everything I can do is to see helplessly how 'they' are destroying your career and, of course, drool over your preternatural beauty.

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Good morning *O* I probably am in a poetic mood (lol), since some hours ago (woke up pretty early this morning, incredible !) i felt the need to read again two heartbreaking and awww articles ("awww articles", yes.. don't lock me away please :°D ) about Rafa ♥. I am so accustomed to awful critical articles that i couldn't even believe they were real xD. I give it for granted that most of you already know them, but i wish you to reread them again or, in case you haven't done it yet, to hustle ! ! ! They are worth reading ;D

Two Articlespam (yeah, someone's demanding too many poetic licences today !)
Enjoy Rafa's NAG (Now and then Acknowledged Greatness)

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Many thanks to: Unknown (tell me if you have credits!) and Bleacher Report

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16 March 2009 @ 03:08 pm

HOT post ! *yaaaay*
Sorry for heaviness, i know it's a good reason to curse me today ^^'''
I really hope you'll like my little works ;-)
PS - I am accepting requests for Gifs and banners personalizations, just ask with a comment ^^   

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16 February 2009 @ 10:19 pm

I didn't post anything since the day before the "big final". Well .. i don't even need to say that i was too shocked to write something about it XD, i cried for some consecutive days and still now i'm SO sad. The winner deserved it all, i couldn't be prouder of him, but the runner up's tears broke my heart. I can't even write their names, did you notice it? X°DD Okay now i'll stop this 'cause i'm not ready to face a post about that final, sorry XDD

Anyway xD, I don't really have intense love for this kind of files but i have to say that they can be really useful ;D
I made PSDs for some of my icon colorings, i hope that you'll like and use them !

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31 January 2009 @ 02:40 pm

Today miss Serena Williams made me so happy by winning the Australian Open ! I couldn't see the match but i'm so, SO happy and proud of her ! She's a star <3. Well i don't need to say (everyone knows XD) how I wish Ana was there holding the trophy but ehm, i really trust her and i'm sure that she'll be back as the great champion we used to know very soon ;D ! So, congrats Serena and...ajde Ana, AJDE !
I'll post some of the icons that i made up yesterday and today starring the girls. I really hope you'll like them.
And I .. well .. i really don't want to .. ehm .. *hesitates* , i WOULD REALLY LIKE not to talk about tomorrow, if you take a look around you'll have an idea of how restless i'm feeling, so.. sorry guys XD. Tomorrow ? Just another Sunday like all the others! Yes, the one difference is that i'm gonna shop for vicodin this evening,,, LOOOL, ahahahah, i'm kidding ;D

Enjoy !

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06 January 2009 @ 05:00 am

My 2009 didn't start in a great way xD Just stayed at home enjoying my last Holiday days, and now i have to start studying =D. I hope i will achieve all my huge goals this year ! About 10 University exams by the end of August ! I'll do my best *_* . So, good luck to me and all of you ! And .. well, to our heroes, too ! Here's my little homage to say "Welcome back (i missed you SO much ç__ç) " ! Hope you'll like it ! :-)

* [ 06 ] Roger Federer
* [ 06 ] Rafael Nadal
* [ 03 ] Andy Murray
* [ 09 ] Ana Ivanovic


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Hi =) ! I hope that you all spent a great Christmas, surrounded by the people you love <3 ! Mine was at least peaceful, thanks to God, and I didn't expect it. This year Santa Claus arrived for me too! I don't usually receive gifts at Christmas and i don't crave them, but I felt happy as a child =) ! So this is the second special thing that happened and i didn't expect =P. Thank you mom for everything ♥ .

Today i'm posting Roger icons that i made up during these days. I hope you will like them. I miss him too much, can't wait for Doha ! C'mon we only have to wait 6 days ! ;-) Here's where they are from:

* USO 08
* Beijing 08
* Various
* Wimbledon Final (2007)

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19 December 2008 @ 05:57 pm

My fav Female Tennis Star for my first serious post !
Hope you'll like them <3

• Please Credit If You Can (it isn't obligatory)
• Textless Icons Are Not Bases
• Comments are Love ♥

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15 December 2008 @ 12:32 pm
Hello everyone *-*

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